Thursday, September 30, 2010

Will You Do Blue?

This summer, the MLB All-Star Game was held at Angels Stadium in Anaheim. Though every team was represented, the stadium was, nevertheless, a sea of red. Red t-shirts, red jerseys, red hats. There was such a sense of solidarity there – a common bond among strangers. It evoked memories of camp color wars, high school pep rallies, sororities and fraternities. Pink ribbons remind us of breast cancer; yellow, of our soldiers overseas. The simple act of donning a color can inform the world that you stand for something; that you are a part of something greater than yourself.

Tuesday, OCTOBER 12 is World Arthritis Day. I invite each of you to join me in DO BLUE by wearing BLUE for someone you love who has arthritis (even, and especially, if that someone is you!). Show your support for and solidarity with millions of people affected by this disease, and call attention to the most common cause of disability in America.

Landmarks across the country will be turning blue on October 12, including the New York Stock Exchange, Niagara Falls, and Miami Tower (for a complete list, check out ).

Help the Arthritis Foundation reach the goal of walking 24,900 miles - the circumference of the world! – by October 12. Let your steps be counted! Log your miles at I personally pledge to add at least 25 miles – how far will you walk?

I’ll be looking for my friends in blue on the 12th. I hope to see all of you!

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